Homeowners Insurance

Put simply, homeowners insurance provides protection for your most valuable asset: the roof over the heads of you and your family. Covering a wide array of events, incidents, and catastrophes, homeowners insurance policies can be as flexible and customizable as you like. Here, we’ll go through some of your options, and how to get the best value on your policy.

Why Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?

As a homeowner, you would rightly view your house as a safe space, but things can happen that are out of your control—like extreme weather, theft, and injury—and these incidents can lead to financial stress, or, in the worst case, the loss of your cherished home.

Home insurance can mitigate most of these risks, ensuring that if any unfortunate event arises, you won’t be out of pocket. While you’re not legally required to have homeowners insurance, if your house is mortgaged, the lender may request a certain amount of coverage in the terms of the loan.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

At first glance, homeowners insurance can cover a confusingly large amount of options, all at different levels of protection. Just some of the possibilities your policy could cover include:

  • Dwelling– Coverage for the structure, up to policy limits.
  • Personal Property– Coverage for your contents, up to policy limits.
  • Loss of Use– Coverage to pay for housing if you need to vacate the property, up to policy limits.
  • Personal Liability– Coverage for property or bodily injury or damage to another party that you are responsible for, up to policy limits.
  • Medical– Coverage to pay medical bills if someone gets hurt on your property, up to policy limits.
  • Extended Personal Property– Additional coverage for valuable items, such as art and jewelry, up to policy limits.
  • Additional Living Expenses– Coverage for out-of-pocket living expenses that are incurred if your home becomes uninhabitable and you are required to relocate, up to policy limits.

As you can see, there is a wealth of choices to make. Let one of our friendly team members do the hard work for you and develop a personalized policy that fits your every need and sticks to your budget. You’ll be in control to customize it so it’s just right.

What About Natural Disasters?

Again, this depends on the policy you choose and how you customize it. Some—such as wildfires, lightning, and severe winds—are generally covered, while others like floods and earthquakes might not be. An expert Garvin Insurance agent can assess what your home needs and recommend a policy that suits you and your concerns.

How Can I Get a Discount?

Through A-Rated Mercury Insurance, the Garvin Insurance Agency is proud to offer a wide range of discounts to homeowners on their policies. You may already be eligible if you:

  • Have approved protective devices installed, such as burglar and smoke alarms
  • Live in a gated community
  • Have a home constructed with fire-resistant or insurance-friendly materials
  • Have a new or recently built home
  • Are combining your home insurance with auto insurance

Talk to our staff today to find out how you can get the best value insurance for your property.

A Plan That Suits Your Home, from an Insurance Agent You Can Trust

Every home is different, and so is every insurance plan. We can help you understand your options and guide you every step of the way with a one-on-one consultation and homeowners insurance estimate.

At the Garvin Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on our no-nonsense, highly flexible policies. We believe that the best thing you can have from a policy is peace of mind, which is why we work hard to deliver an insurance solution you can always rely on. Get a free quote today, drop into our Woodland Hills office, or call us at (818) 881-5127 to find out more!

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